The town of Pabianice is a part of the urban agglomeration of Łódź. At the same time, it is the center of a county with over 120 thousand citizens, providing key institutions and government offices. The town itself spans an area of 33 square kilometers, with a population of 66 thousand. Its favourable location in the center of Poland, near highways, railways, bus routes and the Łódź-Lublinek airport encourages a variety of economic activity and broadly defined cooperation. The town is proud of its unique urban layout, evidence of its rich past. Renaissance structures neighbour many 19th century factories and the palaces of industrialists. Former industrial buildings undergo renovation to fit alongside leisure areas like Julius Słowacki’s Park. For sports and recreation, there is a tennis hall, indoor pool, bathing lake, soccer stadiums and a golf field. The chemical industry, food industry, electromechanical, clothing and wood processing form the basis of the city’s economy, alongside manufacture. Malls, banks and hotels are opening, and the amiable city by the Dobrzynka river is open to investors and guests both native and foreign. Its relatively small size provides comfort and security, creates conditions for work, learning, artistic expression and raising children. The tightly-knit community, unhurried lifestyle, readiness to help, attachment to local traditions and engagement in communal affairs adds the charm of a medium-sized city to the attractions of a true metropolis.